solder wave pallets

The EMS industry has a requirement for a variety of customized toolings. From PCB Supporting Blocks to Vacuum Adapters and Support Pillars. ASAHITEC's expertise in the assembly process has enabled it to support the industry with tools that improve your process reducing downtime and increasing yield.

- Elimination of manual processes
- Reduction in set up time
- Reduce rework and touchup cost
- Better quality and reliability of product in field
- Overall increase in productivity and yield

ASAHITEC uses Aluminum 6061 for the manufacturing of its tooling. This material has proven to be the most reliable material for machining and finishing. We often hard anodize our tools to ensure a longer life. On request we can also use certain grades of Titanium GR2 which is non corrosive in environments were the metal will be exposed to chemicals.
- Excellent chemical resistance
- Excellent machinability
- Excellent mechanical strength
- Anodizing ensures longer life of tools

ASAHITEC CAD Engineers are IPC Certified and trained to design pallets that can help you streamline your process and increase yield. All jobs undergo a DFM study by our team before we send you a final drawing. Our engineers also carry a wealth of experience coming from a PCB manufacturing background.
- Certified IPC-A-610 Application Specialists
- All jobs undergo DFM study
- Engineering team has PCB manufacturing background

Superior Mechanical Properties of Al6061 PDF Superior Mechanical Properties of Al6061
Technical Data 6061-T651 PDF Technical Data 6061-T651