Polyurethane Squeegees


Asahitec offers possibly the most comprehensive range of Squeegee Blades available to the Screen Printing industry. The edges of our squeegees are regarded amongst the best in the industry, using CNC Cutting Technology for a precise Linear Cut ensuring the perfect finish to enable high a quality print. These materials can be manufactured in various hardness’ ranging from a 45-95 Shore A.

Profiles Squeeees are supplied in a range of squeegee edge profiles. In addition to the common square edge there are a variety of single and double bevel profiles that fulfil various mechanical and printing requirements.
Standard Square Edged
The standard Square Edged profile is used for a wide range of applications, but most commonly used in general textile and graphics applications. Suitable for both manual and automatic printing and on a wide range of substrates.
Single Bevelled Squeegees
Single bevelled squeegees, generally used for printing into non-absorbent surfaces such as plastic, glass or metal. Conforms easily to irregular surfaces while maintaining excellent ink deposit. Widely used on container printing and also good on bottle printing.
Double Bevel Edge Blade
This double bevel edge blade (60 & 45 deg) provides excellent control for direct printing onto cylindrical surfaces and irregular forms, also fine print for textiles.
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